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♥Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1.5 Lockers FTW! :)

Locking Khan! A great inspiration!

Jin! Our LAO SHI!:D

Yea. Juste Debout is over! A great platform for us the Singapore dancers to showcase our Singapore talent:) Everyone did great. I have fun wif my partner Cherron! The lil Banana;)

Quite a few grps from Sg got in to Top 8 despite of many competitiors from overseas joining. Like Jer Jer and Dan Dan. What a weird Name? HAHAH. And grps like LOL, KS and Ronald etc. U all did great:)

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Hope everyone can get to collect lots of Ang Bao! Will be back for more updates;D

9:42 AM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life has been good:) Like TOT-LEH;D Above picture was taken during Tyron's random Birthday BBQ at Yishun Dam. HAH!
Good thing Bad things happen. Got to found out my secondary sch senior, Jordan passed away. He just 1 yr older than me. It was due to some accident. Quite saddening thing to hear although I forgot if i had ever talked to him. But i have seen him before. Know him also because he is from Chuan Jian's batch.
Ok. Got many things on hand which I'm reali looking forward to! This Sat, going to watch and support Brendan and Juna's team for Gatsby!!! Jiayou ppl!! Next Sat is Juste Debout Singapore!!! OMG.. Joined locking category wif Cherron. Nervous much... :x Then would be meeting Peiying, Leon and the rest. Finally Leon is back from Taiwan. Definitely need to meet up with all of them next week!
Then the following week would be my Super Junior concert.. OMFG!! Seriously, waited so long for this.. Dream come true. HAH!!!And many more meet-ups wif my friends in Feb. Like TOT-LEH:)
Past few days had been going Nex for lunch wif Daniel. Luckily it's not as packed during weekdays!!! Many food choices. nice. But the interior design sucks! HAHA.
ok. Will be back for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee updates:D

1:58 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Thursday, January 06, 2011

back for updates. I dunno why I'm feeling so tired recently. Mayb coz i party too much coz it's the Festive Season:)
Post Production Party ended well. had lots of fun! Watched the production video with the family was the best. Everyone cheering and laughing at the videos. LOL.
Will be back for more updates:D

2:10 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Thursday, December 30, 2010

FB 2nd Production has come to an end. Though it has ended for almost 2 weeks and later on we gonna hv a post production partehhh, but i still reali miss going for practice on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday:(
For e entire 6 months, i knew that i had overworked myself, making myself really busy by working full time job, giving tuitions, having night class and dance at the same time, but at that time, every single day i felt i accomplished sth though im really really tired. Tired to the extent that i can fall aslp anytime, even during work or tuitions.
But dance keep me going. Coz i wanna learn be independant. To be able to get used to the busy life in the future. But yet, I'm glad i did not neglect all my friends. I took the time to meet every single cliques that meant alot to me. From my sec sch friends, to my Robinson ex-colleagues. everyone.
Really glad to be able to spend time with them. Tho my last 2 months before production, i did not hv any chance to meet anyone bcoz my schedules was real tight. Students having exams and me having lots of rehearsals. But, I LOVE FB! <3
Ok, will update more often here. and of coz more pics:) Ciaos

2:03 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow, I hven been blogging for quite sometimes. will be back soon.real soon:D

11:22 AM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Sunday, June 13, 2010

Less then 24 hours to freedom! I want freedom!!! I wanna dance!

8:18 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ok..Hv updated some more reali reali long pictures..LOL..reaaaalllliiii loooonnnggg..LOL..
Floor The Love Hk Cafe supper wif PI, Ian's Bdae and Peiying's Bdae..

During PeiYing's Bdae!:D
Uncle Yong Chie,veri long nvr see him
With Hailing and Jasmine:D Veri long nvr see Hailing as well
The Pretty Birthday Girl:D
The 89 Batch From BPS:D
That day onli manage to take picture wif Black.Nvr take wif the rest.LOL
Ian's Bdae at Yishun Dam:D
Crazy Night After Floor The Love

LOL..Last week dere was abit of enthusiasm in the twitter.I tweet tt i met up wif baby(Chuan Jian) and i've got some ppl congratulating me.OK la..Its my fren who has a nickname baby..Not my baby..Reali i was shock .how come so many ppl reply my tweet..Lol..Zhen shi de..

Now wanna focus on dance~~~~

Tmr is club crawl..Hope to do a good show tmr!! Go FB:D

11:39 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Monday, April 05, 2010

Wow! The spider webs here is growing fast~~~~ LOL..Here are some updates on Brenda's son first month celebration..

Aiyo.Uncle Ruitian ah.LOL
Friends from Primary school to Secondary school and til now...........
Dearest girl:D Loves
So fragile!
Dinner at a Japanese restaurant
Then was some drinkin session .Peiying joined us back after she went off in the noon.LOL
Nic said 3 of us look distorted here..Got meh??!!

Ok.wil upload more pics soon:D

12:18 AM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I srsly hv alot to update.But im kinda lazy! Brenda's son first month to New year.Been to JinHong's, Wilson, Baby's ,Nick's and JasmineToh crib.Had lots of fun dis few days!:D 2 more days to Floor The Love! excited excited excited!:D
Anyway.I fee tt its normal to hv a few ppl who dont like u. But once u found out tt alot of ppl is leaving u, mayb u shld reflect on ur own character.Sit down and tink abt it instead of always trying to "peng wei" den go act innocent after tt.LOL..Its wont work.It onli makes more ppl to hate u and show den u dont hv a good character.Nobody is perfect in dis world. But tts not an excuse for u to always do thijngs the way u wan it. Think abt it.
will upload the pics and update soon!:D

11:55 PM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmm.Kinda miss Primary School Life now.LOL.We have all alrd grown up.Brenda gave birth to her son Jayden alrd on the 9th:D Received her msg the next morning to inform me:) Talkin to my Kindergarden and Primary sch close fren Aiping online. Had alrd known her for 15 years? tts reali long.HAHA
Miss playing netball in sch.Miss practicing my rope skipping everyday.Miss doing Chinese Dance.I had so many CCA.Tts how i pass my primary school life.Coz we were young.So we cant go out. I can onli find more activities for myself.LOL..Miss playin catchin wif Randy,Jiawen,Chun Keat and Kenny dey all..
Meetin Vanessa and Jeremy dey all at the void deck to play block catchin is the best to kill time at tt age:D
Bump into Youying just now as well. We walked right past each other.I was on the phone.Could not call out to him.He saw me but he tot he saw wrongly.LOL.. Its nice to occasionally bump into ur primary sch frenz:D COz we all still stay at the same area. Goin to plan the class gathering wif Aiping at Sentosa after Brenda is able o go out! Till then:D

1:16 AM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD

♥Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woohoo.Back for some updates. Had lots of things goin on..But im still enjoyin my life.Love it!:)
Well firstly, i had made it down for 2 days of the Open House to Support FB! Juniors! U guys were great! U guys improved so much!! Proud of everyone:D And the girls so SO HOT uh..LOL..Especially when i look at Charmaine..LOL..The cute lil girl evolved into a hot lil babe alrd.LOL
Took dis time to meet up wif ppl like Veron,Raizan,Jaime,Zen and the rest.Was reali cool:D

This Dion ah.Always wanna act Taeyang.Told him he onli can be Teh Tarik alrd la..LOL
After tt headed to Amk hub to meet the usual clique.Had dinner,head down to town to do some shopping.Back to Amk Hub for movie "The Vampire Assistant".An average movie. But not too bad la.
The following week is a week we all look reali forward to! Coz its Jinhong promotion treat! But i had sch on tt veri Saturday morning..Den had a student in the noon which is near my house.Headed hm to put down my books and waited for tt stupid Leon to come. Den off to fetch JH and Nick.Went Ion.
Pardon me for being a Noob.I had nvr reali step into Ion and shopped except for the shops at the lower level.Coz i hv got no time at all. Thks to Jinhong who wanted to go Agnes B.We went up. The toilet is nice.LOL...
Coz Baby booked out late tt day.So waited for him and Ts.Drove to Marina and head to Dian Xiao Er.Its my first time dining dere.Though i bought their roasted duck b4.But i takeaway.Don't u tink all dis food look damn nice? Still got some more.I just felt lazy at tt moment.LOL.Thks Jh for dis $230 meal for 7 ppl.Its was a sumptous 1. Anw,the bill add up to so much bcoz Nick went to order Buddha jump over the Wall which cost 30 bucks.LOL..

As usual.Slacked after tt.Sean bought his fren Chin Yang along.Head to Esplanade.Awhile later Peiying come! Then...its CAM-WHORE TIME!
But yea la.Like what Sean say in his blog.This clique of mine if the most steady 1. Nick went all the way back from Esplanade to Amk to get his car.Drove back as we onli hv 1 car tt day.Actually Nick can save the trouble if Baby willing to drive tt day.LOL..Asked him to drive ,he always lazy. With 2 cars, its much easier. First we headed to Keppel Bay and den to Kent Ridge Park.Head hm at ard 4 am again.
Love dis clique!:D This Sean is an Ass.He said He score the highest in O level among us coz he always made us laughed and so we cant concentrate to study when we were muggin overnight at Mac.LOL
Next morning,had to wake up early coz need to attend Kelly's Wedding at Carlton Hotel.
Mum and me

Yes.Have endless of activity every week.Had yet to plan our Pulau Ubin trip.Looking forward to tt.And my Primary sch gathering at Sentosa!:D

12:31 AM

Regina ♥ Dance=DD